“Humane” Meat, Local Free-Range Eggs, and Backyard Chickens

I recently had the opportunity to visit a backyard egg producer. This person allowed me to take a tour of their small-scale, local, free-range, “humane” enclosure for their chickens. Had I not already known that this was a backyard egg-producer, I would have thought it resembled some of the nicest animal sanctuaries I have visited. … Continue reading “Humane” Meat, Local Free-Range Eggs, and Backyard Chickens

I’m Quitting Veganism To Be a Level 5 Paleo

Everyone, I have a confession to make… I decided that I don’t want to be vegan anymore.  It’s boring to me now.  It was fun for a while, but ultimately just a phase.  I had a realization the other day while watching my meat-eating co-workers eat lunch.  They all got McDonalds and it looked and smelled so good.  They were all laughing and having a good time without me.  I started wondering, “why do they get to have all the fun?”.  It just didn’t seem fair.  So I finally made the decision to quit being vegan. Continue reading “I’m Quitting Veganism To Be a Level 5 Paleo”

Getting The Very Best From Your Vegan Diet

— This is a guest post by Lily Drayton —

Many people assume that unless you are consuming animal protein on a daily basis that you are not getting a nutritionally complete diet, that has all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for good health and wellness. This is a notion that really needs to be addressed and challenged. It’s completely possible to get all the nutrients you need from non-animal sources and is much easier than you might first imagine. Continue reading “Getting The Very Best From Your Vegan Diet”

The 1 Reason Your Vegan Diet Will Fail Every Time

Veganism is everywhere.  It’s all over the news, grocery store aisles — even your friends and family are talking about it.  Whether people choose a plant-based diet to save animals, manage cholesterol, get in shape, save the environment, or just to know what they’re putting in their body, the word “vegan” is making the shift from marginal to mainstream.  But the one thing no one talks about is the #1 reason many vegan diets ultimately fail.  To find out whether you’re heading for a cliff, you’ll need to ask yourself a simple question, the answer to which can spell victory or defeat in your quest to go vegan.

First, you need to understand that veganism isn’t a diet — it is a lifestyle.  A diet is something you can go on and off for any given amount of time to achieve a short term result.  A lifestyle incorporates diet with other aspects of your life into an ongoing, long-term solution. Continue reading “The 1 Reason Your Vegan Diet Will Fail Every Time”

Are YOU a Cheese-etarian?

Cheese-etarians.  We’ve all met at least one: lacto-vegetarians that say “I’m pretty much vegan, but I just can’t live without my CHEEEESE!”.  I get it.  Cheese is delicious.  There is a cheese for literally any kind of flavor food you are preparing and it has a way of making an otherwise unappetizing dish suddenly seem strangely appealing.  There’s no doubt that cheese is tasty, but when the enjoyment of cheese becomes more of a compulsion, especially when you know about factory farming and animal exploitation and yet still eat it anyway, it is no longer a simple ingredient in a dish — it is a full-blown addiction. Continue reading “Are YOU a Cheese-etarian?”