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Upton’s Naturals

Upton’s Naturals is a rapidly growing, totally vegan (and vegan-owned) company based in Chicago, USA that is committed to making high quality foods with only non-GMO, soy-free ingredients and zero strange preservatives.

Where to Buy

You can find Upton’s Naturals products in the vegan/vegetarian refrigerated section at your local grocery store or you can search for retailers near you.

Vegan Products


  • Traditional Seitan
  • Chorizo Seitan
  • Italian Seitan
  • Ground Seitan
  • Bacon Seitan
  • Chick Seitan


  • Original Jackfruit
  • Bar-B-Que Jackfruit
  • Chili Lime Carnitas Jackfruit
  • Thai Curry Jackfruit
  • Sweet & Smoky Jackfruit
  • Sriracha Jackfruit


  • Thai Curry Noodle
  • Thai Spaghetti
  • Pad See Ew
  • Massaman Curry


  • Ch’eesy Mac
  • Ch’eesy Bacon Mac


  • Classic Burger

Jerky Bites

  • Smoky Original
  • Tarragon Ginger Lime
  • Tamarind Pepperoni
  • Pineapple Pink Peppercorn

Check them out on Instagram at @UptonsNaturals

Yeah, but does it taste good?

If you haven’t yet tried Upton’s Naturals, click “View Results” to see how others have ranked the tastiness of the vegan products offered by this brand.

If you have already tried Upton’s Naturals, let others know how you liked it by voting in this poll.

Leave a comment after you’ve voted to let others know which products you liked the most or any recipes you include Upton’s Naturals’ products in.

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