Vegans Never Say Die!

The term “vegan” has been loosely thrown around to mean ‘someone who doesn’t use or consume animal products or by-products’.  This is in fact true;  however, it is much more than just that.  Veganism does not start on your plate or your body — it starts in the heart and mindVegans are just people who believe that we should respect all living beings, ourselves and our environment.  Veganism is simply these beliefs put into action — we boycott industries that conflict with our beliefs.  These beliefs are the foundation of veganism.  Without them failure is inevitable. Continue reading “Vegans Never Say Die!”

The Logic of Animal Rights

While reading an article titled The Illogic of Animal Rights, written by J. Neil Schulman, I was reminded of meat-eaters and the reasons many of them site for their belief that humans should be able to keep exploiting animals.  If there would have been a way for me to write a comment to the author I surely would have, however there wasn’t and so I will have to vent my frustration here.  Hopefully others with Schulman’s opinion will come across this post and possibly rethink their views on animal rights. Continue reading “The Logic of Animal Rights”

Are YOU a Cheese-etarian?

Cheese-etarians.  We’ve all met at least one: lacto-vegetarians that say “I’m pretty much vegan, but I just can’t live without my CHEEEESE!”.  I get it.  Cheese is delicious.  There is a cheese for literally any kind of flavor food you are preparing and it has a way of making an otherwise unappetizing dish suddenly seem strangely appealing.  There’s no doubt that cheese is tasty, but when the enjoyment of cheese becomes more of a compulsion, especially when you know about factory farming and animal exploitation and yet still eat it anyway, it is no longer a simple ingredient in a dish — it is a full-blown addiction. Continue reading “Are YOU a Cheese-etarian?”