I Hope This Post Makes You Uncomfortable

7 thoughts on “I Hope This Post Makes You Uncomfortable”

  1. My only thing is, is that one who doesn’t eat meat cannot point the finger at people that eat meat and say that they mustn’t love animals because they eat them.
    I really don’t think its so simple like that.
    I loved animals when i ate them. And i love them now and i don’t eat them anymore. i just didn’t understand what was going on. I was ignorant.

  2. Nicely written, in depth, comprehensive and expansive. Thanks for taking your time to articulate these fine points.

    I believe it is very sad how people treat many varieties of animals, as if the animals ‘specific purpose’ in life was just to live for a human consumption; Then even possibly the human acts mean on top of the negligent killing, and perhaps doesn’t really even respect (or understand) the life process that created them.

  3. Great post very thought-provoking! I also believe there is no such thing as humane slaughter–no matter how they are raised. I only wish more people would make the connection to see the cruelty they are supporting. I have that MFA image on a flyer if you need for handouts…check out my other designs too!

  4. Okay, but, I would like to say something. I want to save animals. I love them all, honestly. But the thing is, I can’t go vegan, because I used to complain about veganism all the time to my parents so of course they would be like “wtf.” But it’s also the fact that I like meat, though I feel bad for eating it (but then again, if all of us became vegan, the world would be way overrun with animals, it would be chaos.) Anyway, I also need milk, because unfortunately, my eating habits aren’t the best so I need a way to keep myself strong, you know? I wouldn’t go full vegan, but I’d consider vegetarianism. It’s just hard for me, and as a person raised in Northeast OK, BBQ is a part of family events. I always wonder if it would be okay just one time to eat meat if it’s at a family event. Thank you for listening. And thank you for not going all over the internet telling people you’re vegan just to be cool.

    1. To choose vegetarian means to abstain from eating the flesh of animals, which includes fish and sea life. If you want to make the change you will and stand by your ethics, you won’t let anyone influence or change your decision. Feel free to check my site for information, that’s what it’s there for. You could start with this page: http://tinyurl.com/veginfo

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