Kapparot With Chickens: On Ritual Slaughter and Human Greed

28 thoughts on “Kapparot With Chickens: On Ritual Slaughter and Human Greed”

  1. Awful, it chills me to the bone… How can people be so cruel to other living creatures? I hate these aspects of human behaviour for whatever reason they try to hide behind. It’s not how life is meant to be. Killing other species originally was just to survive. And nowadays people kill for fun or stupid religious reasons. That’s a-human and abnormal and I despise it. 😦

  2. Being there was almost incomprehensible. It disturbs me that children witness this atrocity so early on and deem it acceptable. No doubt that every single one involved in this pagan hypocrisy was one of those children and therefore they are predestined to carry on. Just horrific and heartless through and through.

  3. I was there on Friday & I’m still overwhelmed. So disturbing on so many levels. Your words are so true, well expressed & written. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for your most amazing activism against chicken kaporos and on behalf of the chickens. I read this blog this morning, just now, and am so encouraged and inspired to see this powerful force developing to stop this horrible ritual once and for all, everywhere on earth. We were in Brooklyn last week for the 4th year, protesting. The kaporos ritual violates several NY State laws, and we are pursuing this angle with others in the year ahead.

    Most gratefully to every LA activist & with love to the chickens who now are safe,

    Karen Davis, President of United Poultry Concerns & the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos

  5. As someone who also protested there with you– though, regrettably, unable to help with the rescues–I can attest, my dear friend, that you have excellently encapsulated the experience. What I encountered was a real eye-opener: a minority of orthodox Jews who just cannot open their minds, nor their hearts, to the fact that these poor birds are sentient beings who suffered because of this horrible ceremony. And at least two orthodox men I spoke with could not get their minds around the fact that people cannot only survive but thrive on a plant-based diet. One man actually called us liars when we said we ate no meat of any kind. “What!” he sputtered, “You eat only sah-lahd? Impossible!”

    Kara, your work in helping with the rescues and your skill at conveying the issue on this blog are emblematic of your total commitment to animal liberation. And you are right, “Our work is not yet finished”!

  6. If you commit a sin there are plenty of ways to atone for your mistakes. Prayer, fasting, meditation, charity work, apologizing to the one you wronged, etc etc. etc. Why is the animal punished for human sin?

  7. Kara, thank you for writing, for rescuing, and for inspiring. Your thoughtful words, even if they can’t stop this horror by next year, have at least ensured your community support and number of protesters doubles by then… thank you.

  8. You are incredible and are admired! We owe you our deepest gratitude for doing what you did, not only for the poor, innocent creatures but you did for it for us, too!

  9. Thank you for having courage.. I was too far to protest but a group of us were able to pull almost 1000 chickens from NY and I will be picking up my rescues today.. They will finally know peace in their environment and eventually I hope these babies will find peace in their hearts..

  10. I had no idea that there was such a ritual. It is disgusting that humans still do these things today. Very proud of you and all the other activists for all the hard work that you have put in and what this means for the future. xxx

    1. I was merely the messenger of this horribly cruel & inhumane ritual & wanted to get the word out….


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