Direct Action Everywhere

11 thoughts on “Direct Action Everywhere”

  1. This is a great blog post. It is true that if this were any other social movement, we would not be as passive. I 100% support direct action as long as it does not harm people. There is something to be said about living by example and not being aggressive or judgemental as well. I have convinced people to become vegan this way. I think the movement needs both.

  2. Ignorance has stymied animal liberation for thousands of years – Let’s not allow apathy to hinder it for another day more! The least of our concerns is that people don’t like hearing the message. If it’s truthful and rooted in an appeal for a kinder more just world – Then never let them silence us!

  3. Societies centered around animal killing/slavery, will tend to be more violent/slave minded in general, because that is the mind-energy-frequency that is being sent out. Whereas if a society reverses this trend, the well-being of the populace in general improves in many ways (and is that not what most people at least secretly want?). So the people who actively promote care for a wide variety of animals, are doing a huge service to society in general. Thank you all.

  4. Great points but why is there a video with that blimp Mario Bitali pimping Hellman’s mayo and preparing Chicken parm . Eeee Gad , Is it because one look at his bloated obese diseased frame would make any sane person go vegan ?

    1. I think that’s an ad. The ads are customized per person and what ad it thinks each person wants to see. Lately, I’ve been seeing ads about keeping tabs on “pets” like a way to prevent them from getting lost or hurt. Sorry it’s been showing you icky stuff. I’ll relay this info to WordAds support.

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