I Lost My Friend Today

22 thoughts on “I Lost My Friend Today”

  1. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I read your beautiful tribute to Falcor with tears running down my face. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to make that decision but I know I’ll inevitably face it one day as I have 2 dogs that I adore. I am one of those who bought my dogs, back when I was someone who claimed to love animals but really just existed in a bubble of ignorance like most humans. Thanks to my dogs though I discovered a passion for all animals that resulted in me educating myself on rescue centre animals and lead to me becoming firstly vegetarian and then vegan. I know I would never again buy an animal no matter how reputable the breeder when there are so many animals thrown away like so much garbage just longing for a forever home. I now volunteer in a rescue shelter and in fact am about to adopt the oldest, grumpiest cat there because my heart breaks every time she gets overlooked for a younger more affectionate or prettier cat. We bring her home on Wednesday after we cat proof the house and garden and I’m so glad she’ll get to live out her twilight years with us. You are a wonderful person for the love and life you gave to Falcor and my heart aches for the sadness you’re going through now.

    1. Thank you so much. I understand your sentiments about buying your dogs before knowing better. While my dogs came from Devore (known as an extremely high-kill shelter that PTS dogs within about 3 days or so) my rabbit Shfanfi came from a pet store. I got him when I was 15. He’s 10 years old now, which is very old for a rabbit, so I’m dreading the day that I’ll have to say goodbye to him too. I’m so glad you are adopting “the oldest, grumpiest cat”. I know she will have such a good life with such a caring and compassionate person as yourself. If you can, I’d love it if you could post a picture of her here, after you get her.

  2. I can’t see through my tears but this is so touching & poignant & Falcor was a very lucky girl to be loved by you! I fell quickly in love with her & know how painful it must b for you right now. But remember- none of us live forever; it’s how we live & how we love & are loved that counts and Falcor was and is forever loved. I only wish all the pets of the world could as well. RIP, sweet Falcor!

  3. I am deeply saddened that this beautiful creature Falcorsies is no longer with us. She sounds like she was an amazing lady! Thank you for giving her the very best you could. May sweet memories comfort you. ❤

  4. OMG Kara I am so sorry. What a very lucky couple you were to have each other for just a short amount of time. Today is a day you will never forget, in fact just reading this has brought me to tears like I had 11 years ago doing the same thing. She knows and knew how much you loved her.

  5. Kara, I’m so sorry to read this! Your story is beautiful and had me crying at my desk. I had to go through this with my beloved rabbit, Frost, and those moments in the vet office were some of the most painful of my life, and the ache of missing her is still with me. Rest in peace, beautiful Falcor. What a privilege for both of you to have found each other.

  6. Deepest condolences, Kara. I know you will always treasure your time with Falcor; you were meant to come into one another’s life. And you each made the other’s life all the more beautiful.

  7. I did exactly the same thing 4 years ago. I was persuaded to take on a white golden retriever. Her history was very sad. She was bought and adored as a puppy, but when the children arrived, Shira was chained up in a kennel, never walked or exercised etc, for EIGHT YEARS.She was rescued by a friend who could not accommodate her, so she came to me. How she loved to be in the house and how happy she was to run free. However, cancer developed and her story is the same as Falcors.
    I was preparing the car to take her for her last ride, crying my eyes out, but when I went to call her and lift her into the car. her heart had stopped and I was robbed of the chance of saying goodbye. I like to think she did it deliberately to save me the pain.
    I waited for two years and have taken on another ‘throwaway’, unwanted due to ill health of the owner and the unwillingness of the family to have her. She is tiny, loving and obedient and we are in love aleady after just a few weeks. She is my 13th dog, I have experienced euhanasia so many times but never get used to it. It is just something one has to do if there is no hope and you love your animal. Dorothy

  8. So sorry that Falcor had to go. I’m glad that she got to spend her last year and a half with a person like you. I’m also glad that you know you can save another dog. Falcor would want another discarded, lonely shelter animal to have the same happiness she had when she was with you.

  9. Sometimes I am thankful for the callous people that buy animals and throw them away – after all, how else would we find our best friends? I have four “throwaways” right now who rule my heart. Many hugs of sympathy and condolence to you, Kara! Falcor looks like my kind of dog, too. She was lucky to find you. Not, however, as lucky as you were to find her. 🙂

  10. Awe I’m so sorry for your loss! I have a cat that I adopted from a shelter and he is the sweetest thing ever! I dread the day that I will lose him! I want to adopt a dog some day when are financial situation gets better. Currently I volunteer at a shelter which fortunately, hasn’t had to kill any animals due to over population in years. It kind of gives me hope that more people are choosing adoption but then I remember other over crowded shelters where animals aren’t so lucky 😦

  11. I have no words that adequately convey my empathy for Falcor or for you. RIP Falcor. Thank you Kara for sharing your home and your caring and making it possible for her to experience some of the joys of life. My sincere condolences. We are all diminished when a fine being leaves us.

  12. We are sorry to hear of your loss but what a blessing to have a wonderful companion for over a year (if I recall correctly). How is Layla doing?

  13. So many tears pouring down my face… for you, for Falcor, for each of us who has lost someone we love as much as you did Falcor.

    Thank you for writing this tribute, and know that — even though we don’t know each other — my whole heart is with you.

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