I’m Quitting Veganism To Be a Level 5 Paleo

17 thoughts on “I’m Quitting Veganism To Be a Level 5 Paleo”

  1. I actually BELIEVED the headline I read just before yours, Kara: http://www.habitatforhorses.org/human-dna-found-in-horse-feed

    But the quotes in it were so bizarre that I caught on quickly.

    By the time I finished laughing at the horse blog, I was primed to guffaw at yours, starting with your dead-give-away “I quit” title! 🙂

    Too bad Alex didn’t save her February 27th blog (which yours is reminiscent of, Kara) ’til April 1st: http://alexandrajamieson.com/im-not-vegan-anymore. I keep wishing she had added a final line: “Fooled ya.”

    1. Haha! Yeah, I read her post the same day she posted it. Someone (maybe it was you?) posted a couple links to certain posts of mine in a comment on that blog post of hers. This post is kind of making fun of all “ex-vegans”, of course including her (the whole “listening to my body” thing).

      I definitely didn’t expect people to believe any of this, especially people who are regulars on Vegan Rabbit like yourself (and THANK YOU for that!), but thought April Fool’s Day was a perfect opportunity to write a super sarcastic post.

      I’ll go check out that horse one right now!

      1. Haha back! I don’t think it was I who posted those links on Alex’s blog — unless, of course, my body “made me do it” by sleepwalking to my computer. 🙂

  2. I am not sure that Hilter was a vegetarian, as much as he was better at making himself appear vegetarian through propaganda which was huge for them. I read that he ate game bird and pork on a fairly regular schedule. I think he was somewhat health conscious, and conferred with the latest findings of the sciences, which may have been recommending less meat based on longevity studies of some of the other cultures.

    1. True, Hitler wasn’t a vegetarian, but he did eat a diet which included many plant foods because of the reasons you mentioned.

      The thing that annoys me when people bring up Hitler being “vegetarian” is that even if he was, it’s not like he would have been doing it because he empathized with animals. It’s different than when I mention to people that various human rights activists (such as Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi, Cesar Chavez, to name a few) were vegan or vegetarian because they drew the connection between animal and human animal suffering and oppression.

        1. That diet is peer bogus. I am type O blood type which means I should be scarfing down carcasses- YUCK!! I am doing fine without it.

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